Marketing, business development and branding are all activities used for creating more sales opportunities and new clients. It is an important part of any successful business. And the effort takes proper planning, measuring results, execution and making the necessary adjustments. Part of the plan includes determining tasks, costs, and expectations.  

In my recent interview with Tim Fitzpatrick, founder of Rialto Marketing, we discuss his step-by-step process for creating a marketing plan, executing the plan, and then monitoring the results. Tim emphasized the importance of measuring results. This will set the stage for altering the plan or tweak it to get closer to goals in the next phase.

Tim’s Strategic Plan

Tim’s strategy for marketing the right way, starts with the fundamentals followed by a dynamic, sprint-type execution plan that is 90 days or less. So, his execution phases are done in 90-day increments. This allows for a focused approach where the results can be measured quickly and adjustments made as necessary.

The Marketing Strategy Trilogy

  1. Target Market
    • Ideal clients
    • Content
    • Customer Journey (The Marketing Hourglass)
    • Provides Direction & Focus
  2. Messaging
    • Storytelling Framework
    • Creates Clarity
    • Engages
    • Makes You Memorable & Magnetic
  3. System/Plan
    • When & What You Execute on
    • Simple 90 Day Plan
    • Provides a Framework to Follow
    • Consistent & Repeatable Results

The marketing plan template used by Tim:

A depiction of the Customer Journey used by Tim.