Starting a business includes steps that are not always seen as part of everyday business life. In an episode entrepreneur and business executive, Jon Jopling joined the show to discuss the business start-up process.

These 13 steps for starting your business goes from selection of your business name to setting up your accounting system, this episode is full of valuable information, helpful to many business managers and owners. 

The Top 13 List for Starting and Running a Business

1. Business Name identification – after creating a short-list, determine if the names are available on SunBiz or the relevant state business registration site

2. Select Entity Type – In this step, you will likely need to consult with your CPA or tax attorney

3. Register the entity with SunBiz or other relevant state business registration site (each state has their own registration process)

4. Register with IRS – this is the process to obtain the Federal Identification Number for the entity

Application for an Employer Identification Number

5. Register with Florida Dept of Revenue (or other relevant state DOR) for unemployment and sales tax for Florida entity registration.

6. Purchase domain 

7. Set up bank account 

8. Order checks that will work for accounting system 

9. Obtain credit card to use exclusively for business 

10. Set up accounting system and processes 

11. Set up payroll 

12. Purchase insurance 

13. Monitor and reconcile cash and credit card activity